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CONTINUUM is the alliance of five Journey fanatics with a single vision: to deliver the most accurate reproduction of Journey songs possible.  THE MUSIC ABOVE ALL ELSE.  We’re not concerned with tailed tuxedo jackets or scouring eBay for that checker pattern muscle shirt Steve Perry wore in the “Separate Ways” video.  What we ARE concerned with, to a near pathologically OCD level, is performing Journey’s music as close to the studio and/or live recordings as possible.  That's not a criticism of those out there that enjoy donning the "Live in Houston '81" uniform, but that's simply not us.  

We bring a concert-level experience and engage with our audience so together we can celebrate some of the greatest, most timeless music ever committed to tape. 

We know, there are a thousand other Journey tributes out there, and every one of them is the “Ultimate,” “Premiere,” and “Definitive.”  We invite you to watch and listen to us and decide for yourself. 

CONTINUUM is based in Florida and is available for booking ANYWHERE at theaters, clubs, corporate and private events, and festivals.

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